start ups

Beyond the frontiers …
Think Global! Global thinking and multinational cooperation are key issues in our business life of today. Even if – as a result of this economic interweaving – business partners from all over the world communicate in the same language and there are many facts that make your investment in Germany advantageous and challenging, your business idea needs to be carefully considered before putting it into practice. And, most likely, there may be unexpected obstacles and pitfalls in the way. If this is your current situation …

You are always one step ahead, your company is well-known for its innovative quality products and services and has won an outstanding market position? You want to extend the market position you have already gained and want to start directly, without any loss of time?
The potential and expertise of the economic area Germany appeals to you, and you are looking for a competent and reliable German business partner to consolidate your business success?

… then nbp has an attractive offer for you!!!

To avoid pitfalls, there is one crucial fact that should not be underestimated: the more familiar you are with the mentality, customs, economic order and legal aspects of the trade in this country, the more successful your performance will be. Familiarity with all these aspects is a must for your successful start „made in Germany“.

To spare you time-consuming roundabout ways and frictional loss on your way to a German subsidiary, nbp provides a Professional Start Up Service for U.S. companies wanting to run their business here in Germany. We take care of your optimal start and offer support during all stages of your setting up. Make use of our expertise and business relations to help you maximise your success!

nbp’s Professional Start Up Service ensures that you save precious time and resources and can focus entirely on your course of business. Our professional concept is designed to meet your individual needs and purposes. Why run the risk of a bad investment and – even worse – of a bad image, if your cooperation with nbp can help you gain the lead over your competitors!
Our highly trained and qualified consultants aim at your specific needs. You can choose between full-service consultancy or, alternatively, consultancy for one or more single areas of your business. Our service programme includes

  • organizing the right location for your premises (e.g. in business districts) your office rooms
    • with the size you require
    • at your preferred terms and conditions
    • if you wish, all rooms will be furnished according to your preferred style or corporate design! Alternatively joint offices for a good value start up
    • personnel recruitment (all levels)
    • creative tasks, such as copywriting, layout, printing,
    • acquisition of addresses, marketing and advertising
    • legal advice or advice relating to taxation law

Last, not least:
we provide competent information about sponsor-ships for entrepreneurs offered by the German government.
Choose the safer side for your investment, right from the beginning! Phone or E-mail our Expert-Team for a first contact. We are happy to provide you with the information you need and are looking forward to a successful partnership – welcome to Germany!